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Used books go first & fast so don’t wait! You are allowed the first week of each semester a full refund, no questions asked, so there is no risk!

No need to worry about fluctuations in buyback prices at the end of the semester - save money on the front end rather than gambling on some return at the end of the semester. Books do change edition, faculty change book requirements, there can be more books than students for the next semester - these can all have negative effects on textbook buyback. Renting rather than buying can avoid this potential risk. Also, if the text you are using for a given semester is outside your major,renting may be a better alternative to buying

Why Rent?

We carry the current semester’s textbooks for KSU Marietta Campus and Georgia Highland courses offered on the KSU Marietta Campus. Simply bring in your schedule and we will be happy to assist you

Southern Engineers Bookstore buys your unwanted textbooks YEAR-ROUND.

We DO NOT do buy back services over the phone. The textbook must be brought into the store and observed by an employee.

You must present a drivers license or student I.D. in order to receive money back for your textbooks.

We buy back every day that we are open; however, the best time to sell back your books is during Finals Week.

It makes no difference where your books were purchased from or whether you bought them NEW or USED.

Books must be in good reasonable condition. This includes the text to have the covers, pages and binding intact and with software if applicable.

We do buy back SOME looseleaf text.

A Few Words about Textbook Buyback

There are many factors that affect the purchase price, such as:

If the book is being used for the following semester.

How many copies of that specific textbook that we already have.

If they are publishing a new edition of the textbook.

If there is national demand for the textbook.


Price values tend to fluctuate frequently over time; no price value is permanent.

KSU Marietta Textbooks Georgia Highlands Textbooks

Buy? Why?

Sometimes, there is no choice - perhaps a one time use online access code is required which makes rental impossible. Also, if you are using the same book for more that one semester, purchasing makes much more sense than renting the same book 2 or 3 times. We will try to present you with the best option for you. Additionally, you may want to keep some books related to your major for future reference so buying may be the best choice for you.


Our goal is to give you every reason to come back during your 2 or 4 year or longer career here on campus -  we can only gain your patronage if we are honest, forthright, give you the best information available, and build a sense of trust.



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